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Born of a passion for progress and an ever-growing frustration with claims without facts, determinations without data (and a love of alliteration), CleanTechVerdict strives to dig through the jargon and separate misinformation from reliable facts.

We aim to provide a user-friendly, up-to-date one-stop shop for those looking to understand the technologies, science and policy that comprise the clean tech sector. We do this in three basic ways: By summarizing and organizing reliable articles and information from around the web; by maintaining a focused collection of related resources, such as authoritative reports, graphics, videos and more; and through our periodic Verdicts – high-level overviews of particular issues. The site does not pretend to be comprehensive; rather, our goal is to provide accessible, reliable information about the current state of popular clean tech issues.

For a bit more, read our inaugural post.

Who We Are

JAG profileCleanTechVerdict was created by Jordan Garfinkle. Jordan is a passionate believer in humanity’s potential to tackle big challenges – as long as the facts are straight. He loves innovative ideas and hates the persistent manipulation of facts (or their complete omission) that has come to replace serious discussions about environmental problems and their solutions. He, like everyone else on the planet, values clean air, clean water and a bright future.

Jordan has a M.S. in sustainable systems from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, where he was a research assistant at the Center for Sustainable Systems, and a B.S. in environmental studies and psychology from St. Lawrence University. He has worked on sustainability issues in Kenya, Costa Rica and across the U.S., and on resource management at the US Department of the Interior. He currently works in sustainability consulting.

FangAndrew Fang is Content Strategist for CleanTechVerdict. In addition to his many contributions, he manages our resource library, ensuring that our resources reflect the newest, most reliable information. Andrew graduated from the University of Michigan with a M.S. in sustainable systems and a M.E. in energy systems engineering, and from Northwestern University with a B.S.E. in chemical engineering. He is currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. He has worked extensively with life cycle assessment, evaluating the environmental impacts of energy, water and vehicle systems. He is particularly interested in scalable solutions that will address energy infrastructure challenges by improving the sustainability and resiliency of these systems.

CleanTechVerdict receives input from professionals across the clean tech sector. Their involvement helps to ensure that we remain at the forefront of clean tech, and that as technologies and policies evolve, so does CleanTechVerdict.

Contact: We’d love to hear from you! To contact CleanTechVerdict, please email us at info@cleantechverdict.com.



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  1. I love this blog. Would you consider giving verdicts on “clean coal,” hydroelectric power, and nuclear fission technology?

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